Our Process

We follow the six step process as set out by the Financial Planners Standard Council to help clients achieve their financial goals.

1. Establish the Client / Financial Planner Engagement

The relationship stage: are we a right fit?

  • Explain the concepts related to the overall financial planning process
  • Explain the services we provide and the process of planning and documentation
  • Clarify your responsibilities as a client and our responsibilities as your planner

Together we will discuss the scope of the client/planner engagement and agree on the level of service needed.

2. Gather your data and determine your goals and expectations

The discovery stage

  • Gather all necessary information and documents before giving you the advice you need
  • Discuss your needs, wants, goals and expectations

Together we will investigate your values, preferences, financial outlook and desired results as they relate to your financial goals, needs and priorities.

3. Clarify your present financial situation and identify the steps needed to achieve your financial goals

The analysing stage

  • Analyze your information to assess your current situation (including cash flow, net worth and tax projections)
  • Identify the areas we need to address such as:
    Capital needs, Risk management needs and coverage, Investments, Taxation, Retirement planning, Employee benefits, Estate planning, Special needs (i.e. adult dependent needs, education needs, etc.)

Having a clear picture of your present financial situation and were you want to go is the fundation needed to build a sucessful financial plan.

4. Develop and present the financial plan

The planning stage

  • Develop and prepare a financial plan tailored to meet your goals and objectives, values, and risk tolerance
  • Present the plan and discuss any posible changes.

We will work together to ensure that the plan addresses your goals and objectives and your financial vision.

5. Implement your financial plan

The action stage

  • Assist you in implementing the recommendations discussed, if that is your choice.
  • This may involve coordinating contacts with other professionals such as accountants, or lawyers.

This is where the change begins.

6. Monitor the financial plan

The ongoing stage

  • Monitor and evaluate your plan to make sure that it is progressing towards your goals, if that is your choice.
  • Contact you periodically to review the progress of the plan and to see if there are any changes in your life circumstances that may require adjustments to the recommendations.

Ongoing guidance and commitment are key to the success of your financial plan.

Products or services related to investments, investment recommendations, and investment reviews are provided through our mutual fund dealer Security Financial Services and Investment Corp.       4665 Yonge Street, Suite 309, Toronto, ON  M2N 0B4  t 416.964.0440
Insurance sales are not conducted through Security Financial nor are they the business of Security Financial.
Insurance sales are conducted through Qualified Financial Services (QFS), a Managing General Agency.
As Certified Financial Planners, we may provide expert advice to clients that do not have or intend to have investments held through Security Financial Services or Qualified Financial Services.  We may charge an hourly rate to clients who come to us solely for financial advice and planning services.

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