Building Wealth

“Never depend on a single income.
 Make investments to create a second source.”

–  Warren Buffett

Building an investment portfolio takes knowledge, commitment, dedication and time.  While choosing the right investments is paramount, there are other considerations that are equally important.


Invest with a purpose – Have clear objectives; have a true purpose for your portfolio.

Understand your portfolio – Understand your investment choices.  Know the portfolio’s possibilities, it’s limitations, it’s risks and its rewards.

Don’t obsess about the day-to-day – Keep investment turnover to a minimum – Don’t throw emotion into your decisions. Keep focused on your goals and not on the day to day value of your portfolio.

Structure your portfolio in a tax efficient way – Your portfolio should be limiting the taxes you pay not adding to your tax bill.

Know the costs – There are thousands of different investments available to you today.  A great portfolio will contain the best suited investments at the best value.

Diversify – Don’t rely on a single investment, or a handful of similar investments.  A well-diversified portfolio is more important than the investments held within it.

Review frequently – Choosing your investments is just the first step. Your investments are constantly changing; their values, their holdings, their managers and even their objectives can change within your original investment. A regular review and up to date information of your investments are necessary to make sure your investment portfolio keeps meeting your original goals.

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